Don’t Bless Thieving Candidates: Naveen

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Gopalpur: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is raising his voice during the election campaign. Naveen targeted the opposition in Gopalpur. Naveen said that besides appealing to people to vote for good candidates, they should not bless the thief candidates. Along with this, Naveen addressed the Gopalpur public meeting to ask the voters to bless him as well as the conch sign. Asking the crowd in Gopalpur, Naveen said, “Is BSKY good, Mission Shakti good, Mamata Yojana good, Lakshmi Bus good, 5 schools good, Child scholarship good, Farmer’s Kalia Yojana good, Madhubabu Pension Yojana good, Rice good?” Is the card good, Puri Kam good, Naveen Patnaik good, Shankh sign good. In the end, BJ supremo sought the blessing of the people as well as the blessing of the conch sign in the election.

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