From Barren to Bountiful: Farmer Bharat Reddy’s Journey to Success with TSF’s Support

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  • Transforming Wastelands into Orchard Havens

Berhampur : In the village of Bipilingi of Chhatrapur in Ganjam district, Bharat Reddy’s journey from barren land to flourishing orchard is a testament to perseverance. What began as a challenging endeavour for Reddy has now blossomed into a thriving guava and citrus farm, thanks to the collaboration with Tata Steel Foundation (TSF).

Initially working with desolate plots, Reddy’s dream of a fruit orchard seemed distant. However, with TSF’s assistance, he has successfully planted 1,100 guava trees and 150 citrus trees, transforming his one and half acre land to a bountiful orchard. Through comprehensive training and bio-agricultural inputs provided by TSF, Reddy has reaped over three quintals of guavas this year alone.

Reddy shares his excitement about the fruitful harvest, highlighting that selling the produce at Rs 70 per kg in the local market has significantly boosted his family’s income. He has earned Rs 22,000 additional income from guava sell only and is now waiting for the citrus harvest. This remarkable achievement is further underscored by the variety of guava he cultivates—Taiwan Pink—known for its resilience and rapid productivity, maturing in just 11 months.

The success of Reddy’s orchard symbolizes more than just agricultural yield; it represents sustainable growth and enduring prosperity. TSF’s initiatives in wasteland development have rejuvenated barren landscapes into productive orchards, empowering local farmers with long-term benefits. This holistic approach is not merely about immediate profits but about fostering a sustainable and thriving agricultural community.

Through innovative projects and steadfast support, Tata Steel Foundation continues to transform the agricultural landscape, ensuring lasting prosperity for farmers in the region.

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