He left the BJP and joined the Bjd of Balangir

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Balangir, : In the merger festival organized at Rakashree Palace in Balangir, Sahananda Deeta, Dasharathi Neti, Soumya Purohit, Bipin Sahu and Surendra Pradhan left BJP and joined BJED in Balangir. Under the leadership of BJD senior leader Satya Bhoi, all of them joined the BJD after being inspired by the leadership of BJD MLA candidate Kilikesh Narayan Singhdeo from Balangi and the development work of BJD. BJEDI Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s policies and ideals attracted them and expressed their opinion that they joined BJEDI. The newly joined members of BJEDI also say that BJEDI is working to give importance to development at the grass root level and to enrich the people of Odisha in all aspects. Everyone has joined BJEDI to make BJEDI even stronger by participating in such philanthropic programs of BJEDI. Balangir MLA candidate Kiikesh Narayan Singhdeo welcomed all the new members through Phultoda and Uttariya. Former block chairman Golap Bagh and Biju student president Suman Nand were present on this occasion.

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