International Women’s Day Celebrated in KIIT & KISS

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Bhubaneswar, Mar 7: On the eve of International Women’s Day, the Founder of KIIT and KISS Dr. Achyuta Samanta delivered an inspiring address to the women staff of the KIIT group of institutions, highlighting the organization’s commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women.

In his speech, Dr. Samanta proudly announced that women constitute 50 percent of the workforce within the KIIT family, underscoring a workplace environment where happiness and mutual respect thrive. “KIIT is there for you,” he assured, encouraging the female staff to contribute to the institution’s success actively.

Emphasizing the absence of gender disparity, Dr. Samanta pointed out the remarkable achievements of women across various fields, including the military, thereby reinforcing the notion that gender does not define capability or success. “We want to empower our ladies staff, giving them the freedom to excel and innovate,” he stated.

Dr. Samanta reflected on the historical reverence for women, describing them as “the source of all forms of energy” and essential to achieving peace and prosperity.

He also shared his philosophy, attributing his success in building KIIT and KISS to his values and vision inspired by his mother’s teachings. He emphasized respect for individual freedom and dignity, calling upon the staff to contribute positively to KIIT’s ongoing success story.

The Founder felicitated the women staff on the occasion, even as some of the staff shared their emotions and praised his magnanimity towards them.

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