NTPC join hands to Enhance Educational Infrastructure

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In a heartening display of commitment to education and community welfare, NTPC Bongaigaon, CSR Wing in collaboration with BSLC (Bardwi Shikla Ladies Club), orchestrated the distribution of 60 desk and benches to five schools in the vicinity of the power station. Smt. Bindu Namboothiri, President of BSLC donated the school furniture to the students in presence of the Principal of the schools. This initiative aims to enhance the learning environment for students, ensuring they have adequate infrastructure for their educational journey.The schools included Salakati MES, Bamun Bakhara MES, BTPS High School, 814 Chedamari LPS, and 507 No. Ranighuli LPS. Through the provision of desk benches, NTPC Bongaigaon and BSLC aim to create conducive spaces that facilitate effective teaching and learning.

NTPC Bongaigaon and Bardwi Shikla Ladies Club join hands to Enhance Educational Infrastructure and Community Empowerment

Furthermore, the presence of representatives from NTPC Bongaigaon’s HR and CSR department along with representatives from the ladies club extended their support, reaffirming the corporation’s dedication to societal welfare and community development. Their presence defines the collaborative spirit and shared vision of promoting educational excellence in the community.

In addition to the distribution of desk benches, Smt. Bindu Namboothiri led a program organized by the ladies club, wherein certificates were presented to 30 women from nearby villages who are undergoing sewing and tailoring classes facilitated by Bardwi Shikla Ladies Club, NTPC Bongaigaon. This initiative highlights the holistic approach towards community empowerment and skill development. In her address Smt. Bindu highlighted the fact that the club in the future should focus more on societal work and commit themselves to the overall development of the community.

Through these concerted efforts, NTPC Bongaigaon and Bardwi Shikla Ladies Club have not only addressed the immediate need for essential infrastructure in schools but have also demonstrated their unwavering commitment to nurturing educational growth and empowerment within the community. Such endeavors are instrumental in uplifting local communities and fostering a culture of learning and progress.

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