The Fighters Memorial Pedestal will be inaugurated by the President: President Subhas Panda

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Rambha : On Friday, a general meeting of the struggle memorial pitha of the formation of special Uttar Pradesh was held under the chairmanship of Swami Shankrananda Giri in the premises of the local Gayatri Shaktipeeth Pragya Bhawan. On the occasion of the 132nd birth anniversary of Maharaja Krishna Chandra Gajapati, a gathering was held under the chairmanship of Subas Chandra Panda and a mass garlanding ceremony was held at the statue of the Maharaja. . Among others, Radhakant Das, Dr. Prabhakar Tripathi, Ravi Rath, editor of daily Naveen, Prasad Rao, Niranjan Tripathi were on the main stage. Also, the next meeting is scheduled to be held on 15/05/2024 at Rikshree Jagannath Degree College. Along with this, many issues were discussed in the meeting. Abhimanyu Sahu (Chairman), M. Narsingh Subudhi K. Sushant Kumar Pote (Treasurer), Chandrasekhar Naik, Ramachandra Badeti, Gopinath Behera (Head Teacher), Prasanna Kumar Mishra (Retired Chairman), Maheshwar Barala (Pujyapuja Sahitya Parliament Editor), Charan Jena, Jayakrishna Tripathi, Vijay Chandra Viswal, Bhimsen Behera (Socialist), Shitdev Behera Major dignitaries, engineers, media representatives, social workers were present. In the end, Governor Vijay Kumar Biswal, retired head teacher, presented the vote of thanks for the award. Umesh Mohanty, Panchanan Khatu, Umakant Sahu assisted in conducting the mass program.

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