Vedanta Lanjigarh has launched ‘Sangam Nuajivika project’ in rural areas of Odisha

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Lanjigarh : Vedanta Aluminum Limited, Lanjigarh, India’s leading smelter grade aluminum manufacturer has launched Sangam: Confluence of Life, Nature and Culture project. It aims to support rural farmers through climate sustainable development and the project has been established in more than 40 villages and benefited more than 500 beneficiaries. Kalahandi is mainly an agricultural area and has limited livelihood opportunities. There is moderate rainfall here. In this context, a comprehensive road map has been formulated to enhance the socio-economic development of the region by combining Sangam with natural resource management and sustainable livelihood opportunities. The Farmer Producer Company (FPC) intervention will provide capacity building training in sustainable and profitable non-farm intramural activities through a federation of smallholder farmers.

Only women farmers are already doing business like bees. A variety of agricultural practices should be employed to achieve maximum levels of consistent production and yield, with emphasis on adopting a variety of methods to support the crop. The project aims to focus on how farmers can maximize their income. A number of water resources will be developed under the project Sangam to conserve ground water and increase water availability. It will focus on the construction of additional conservation systems and ponds, rehabilitation of canals, diversification of crops and animal husbandry. More than 60% of the agricultural land of this region will be provided with irrigation system. Commenting on the project, Mr. Pranabku Marbhattacharya, CEO-Alumina Business, Vedanta Lee said that sustainable livelihoods will be facilitated by developing an ecosystem for the underserved groups and socio-economic development of the region. The project association will help our group to become self-reliant. Mr. Shankar Chandi, a farmer of Kalahandi district, expressed his gratitude and said that earlier Kalahandi was known for its taste and color. But the sugarcane crop is not viable due to extreme effects of water and air and burning sensation. Today, through this project, we will once again start its production. We believe that with proper agricultural practices and water management, we will be able to generate income. Vedanta Lanjigarh’s social initiative is committed to the upliftment of communities through support to education, healthcare, livelihood, environment, women empowerment, sanitation, environmental improvement and grassroots sports and has expanded its programs to more than 67 villages. It has empowered more than 4000 women in more than 378 SHGs.

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