Wife campaigner in election field

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Voters are surprised to see the dedication and sacrifice of the wife for the husband

Nuapada, : Lok Sabha and assembly elections will be held in Nuapada district on May 13. Candidates are doing their best to win the election. Suchismita Panda, the wife of the BJP candidate of Nuapada assembly constituency, Baraklat Panda, is dressed as a campaigner. She is seen going from house to house in village Ganda begging for votes for her husband despite the heavy rain. This time, the heavyweight fight has started in the Dhansabha in Nuapada Assembly. BJP candidate Paralita Panda has descended on the election ground to give a tough fight to Planning and Coordination Minister Rajendra Dholakia from BJ, PCC President Sharat Rat Patnaik from Congress and independent candidate Gashiram Majhi. . Here, BJJ candidate Rajendra and Congress candidate Sharat, along with two veteran leaders, have challenged Ghashiram, an experienced independent candidate. Now the entire family has come down to the election ground for congratulations. His wife Suchishmita is not excluded from this. Suchistita is a daughter of a secular family. She has married the son of Kalahandi MP Basant’s son, so now she has come down to the field to learn politics. Who never left home for a day. He is now walking around the village in 44 degree heat. They are walking from house to house with lip balm in their hands with their heads covered in heavy rain. With a smile on his face, everyone from children to old people is appealing to everyone to vote in favor of Mari Sami. On the last 22nd, the BJP candidate submitted his application. Since then, the family along with Barakrit and his supporters have intensified the election campaign. Valeswar, Amodi, Tamkidadar, Banpada, Fatamunda, Segunpada, Saraipali, Dadargaon, Samarsingh, Tengabsa, Burkadhoda, Mundapahal, Siallatti, Jitarabah, in Nuapada block Bod, Dharampur, Palsipani, Budhkomna, He preached in the villages of Danojhla, Salangipada etc. The Center is trying to reach people by making them aware of the welfare schemes of the Modi government. In autumn, it becomes difficult for people to leave the house, while wife Suchismita is dressed as a preacher to congratulate her husband. Kalahandi MP Sad’s daughter-in-law has surprised everyone by reaching the village and going from house to house asking for votes. is Even if she is the daughter-in-law of a large household, it is seen that her duties and sacrifices for her husband are well accepted, especially by women.

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