25000 Odisha Discoms’ Linemen adopt ‘Sun Safety’ to serve consumers amidst severe heatwave

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Bhubaneswar, swadhinataraswara : As temperatures soar to record levels, India Meteorological Department has declared Bhubaneswar as one of the hottest cities in India at a scorching 43.8 degrees Celsius. The entire state is witnessing a significant surge in peak power demand, driven by the enhanced use of air conditioners and coolers.

In response to this escalating demand, the frontline heroes of the State’s power sector, the dedicated linemen of Odisha Discoms, are working tirelessly. The discoms’ staff, especially linemen are working round-the-clock to ensure reliable power supply to the State while attending swiftly to maintenance sites.

Over 25000 ground staff associated with TPCODL, TPNODL, TPSODL, and TPWODL discoms are ensuring uninterrupted power supply to a populace of approximately 5 crores across Odisha, where 17 cities have recorded over 40 degree Celsius temperatures. In order to ensure worker safety, the Government of Odisha has also prohibited work during 11am to 3pm.

Taking into consideration the hazards posed by extreme heat, Odisha Discoms have taken proactive measures to safeguard the well-being of its linemen who are working tirelessly amidst the heatwave to ensure that the increasing power demand is met. For the same, comprehensive training programs such as the ‘Tool Box Talk’ where supervisors impart sun safety measures, equipping linemen with essential knowledge and tools to mitigate risks while working in the scorching heat are being instituted. The discoms are also disseminating advisories, and guidelines through posters, banners and Whatsapp messages to ensure safety.

As part of these summer safety efforts, linemen are provided with necessary safety gear, including helmets, water bottles, ORS packets and first aid materials for personal safety. Moreover, specialized training in sunstroke care is also enabling them to recognize and respond promptly to heat-related emergencies as they have to work in emergency situations during peak summer.

The resilience and dedication displayed by Odisha Discoms linemen serves as a beacon of hope amidst challenging times. Their commitment to ensuring uninterrupted power supply, coupled with adherence to safety protocols, exemplifies their commitment to serve the citizens of Odisha.

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