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ECoR has geared up its machinery to prevent carrying crackers in Passengers carried Trains.

ECoR has directed concerned officials to keep strict vigil on passenger movements while travelling in train.

During this ongoing festive season, after detection of fire crackers in trains at various locations like New Delhi, Anand Vihar, Jabalpur, Vijaywada etc. stations,  Ministry of Railways has issued instructions to Zonal Railways for Drive against carriage of inflammable items across the Railways network. To make the train journey safer, Railways has urged passengers to be careful and not to carry and also not let their co-passengers carry inflammable objects while travelling on trains.

All Zonal Railways have launched intensive awareness drive for the passengers. Regular announcements are being made at Railway stations making an appeal not to carry inflammable and explosive objects like firecrackers, gas cylinders, acid, petrol, kerosene, etc, in passenger trains during a train journey.

Zonal Railways have directed concerned officials to keep a strict vigil on passenger movements while travelling by train. Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel have been alerted. Luggage and parcel items are being scanned thoroughly before loading.

In view of the above, ECoR has also geared up its machinery to prevent carrying crackers in Passengers carried Trains. Carrying inflammable items during train journey is strictly prohibited. East Coast Railway has advised all its three Divisions, i.e. Khurda Road, Sambalpur & Waltair to launch a Special Safety Drive to keep a strict vigil on carrying inflammable items in trains for the safety of the passengers during Diwali Celebrations.

From 18th Oct’ to 16th Nov’2023; 619 checks were conducted in trains, 427 at Stations and 182 checks have been conducted at yards/pit lines/fueling points, etc. Public Address  System also utilized at all the Stations to awareness passengers about the dangerous of carrying inflammable items. Apart from this, posters also placed at different public movement areas along with distribution of pamphlets.   

Lease Holders and their Staff, Parcel Staff, Pantry Car Staff, Catering Staff of Stations, Porters/Coolie, OBHS Staff and other outsources Staff along with Passengers were also counseled about the dangerous of inflammable items carrying during travelling in trains.

Altogether 08 cases have been detected and eight person were also arrested in this connection during the time. Fire Crackers worth Rupees 24350 (approx) have also been seized.

A public awareness campaign encouraging rail passengers to take preventative measures to avert fire incidents :

●     NO. of leaflets distributed : 36,852

●     NO. of stickers/posted posters : 12,401

●     NO. of Nukkad nataks performed : 638

●     NO. of stations where announcements through PA system is made:14,362

●     Advertisement published in print media : 171

●     Video displayed in TV channels/RDN : 1,320

●     Posting of banners on social media : 928

A public awareness meeting conducted

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with Parcel porters : 3,887

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with Lease Holders & their staff : 2,145

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with Parcel staff : 4,694

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with pantry car staff : 9,386

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with Catering staff of stations : 5,120

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with Kuli: 5,094

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with OBHS staff : 4,510

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with other outsourced staff: 4,977

●     NO. of awareness meeting conducted with Passengers: 79,060 

Legal Actions Taken

●     NO. of checks conducted in trains : 37,311

●     NO. of checks conducted at stations : 22,110

●     NO. of checks conducted at yards/ washing lines / pit lines/ fueling points : 7,656

Violators Booked

●     NO. of violators jailed  under section 153/164 of Railway Act for carrying inflammable articles, i.e. firecrackers and gas cylnders : 155

●     NO. of violators booked for carrying Cigrates/Beedi under the  Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) : 3,284

Indian Railways appeals to Railway passengers not to any inflammable materials gas cylinders, petrol, diesel, and kerosene, stoves, matchboxes, cigarette lighters, and any detonating substances, including firecrackers. 

As per Sections 67, 164, and 165 of the Railway Act 1989, carrying flammable and explosive articles on railways constitutes a punishable offence, with penalties of up to ₹1,000 or imprisonment for up to three years, or both, in addition to being responsible for any loss, injury, or damage caused. 

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