Rahul Ranhunkar in Salepur

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3000 as monthly allowance to employees

Salepur (Swa News): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi against the ruling party of both the state and the center in the Cuttack Sathavama Salepur meeting. Talking about unemployment, farmers’ problems and various corruptions, Rahul Gandhi made a bold attack. With this, Rahul Gandhi said that if Congress came to the government, importance should be given to farmers, workers and women. If the Congress government is formed in Delhi, every poor woman of the country will be identified. And 1 lakh rupees will be paid to the woman’s bank account. For this, 8 thousand 500 rupees per month will go to the woman’s account. Rahul made such a promise from the Salepur assembly that the Congress will waive off the farmers’ loans by setting up a commission. Apart from this, Rahul has promised that if the Congress comes to the government, the salary of Asha and Anganwadi will be doubled, and the salary of Manerga workers will be Rs 400 per day.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the BJP government at the Center’s Justice rally in Salepur. In addition to this, Pulapula has also made promises about what to do when the Congress comes to the government. In Odisha, the government has announced to give Rs 2,000 to women’s accounts and the central government to give Rs 1 lakh to every woman from a poor family. In addition, Rahul Gandhi has made a big announcement about the unemployed youth.
Rahul said, “For the last 10 years, the youth has fallen in front of everyone for jobs.” But when the Congress government comes, that situation will not remain. Because the Congress will come up with a solid plan. The scheme through which jobless youth will be guaranteed. Up to 1 year job will be available in Govt, PSU, Private organizations. Rahul Gandhi said that he will get a one-year apprenticeship as soon as he applies for a job with the government. In addition, if the Congress government is formed in both the state and the center, women will get Rs 1 lakh 24 thousand annually. And that too directly through bank account. Modi and Naveen have made 22 people millionaires, Congress will make billions of people millionaires, said Rahul. Rahul did not forget to target BJ-BJP from Salepur Assembly. Rahul said that there has been a rift between both the parties, both the parties have panned the people of Odisha.

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