Section 144 of Cuttack for voting, people shall not gather within 200 meters

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Cuttack : Article 144 for elections. The entire city of Cuttack is under tight security. For that, Article 144 has been implemented. Cuttack District Collector Arindam Dakua informed this. The District Collector has issued 144 articles for free and free elections. However, on the basis of this clause, people are prohibited from gathering within 2000 meters of the polling station. Also, no more than 5 people can be together. Phone usage within 100 meters of the polling center has been restricted. A ban has been issued on the use of cellular and cordless phones near polling stations. Central Armed Police will be deployed in 616 riot prone booths in the district. Cuttack District Magistrate Arindam Dakua informed this.

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