In Gahirmatha, a single baby turtle hatches in two days

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Rajnagar ; Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary is also known as the center of Oliveridale turtles. Especially in Nashi-2 of Gahirmathar, olive ridley turtles come in lakhs and lay their eggs. This Nashi-II is getting affected due to climate change. Due to high tide and submergence of some parts of Nashi-2, there is a possibility of destruction of turtle eggs in large quantities. Previously, Nashi-2 was known as a large lamprey of Oliveridale turtles. Earlier mother turtle was laying eggs in an area of about 35 hectares. Due to decay, only 15 hectares are spawning. Generally, the south wind blows this dipachangal. But when the north wind blows, it increases again. It is not growing at the same rate as it has been for some years. Millions of olive ridley mother turtles are laying eggs in cramped spaces, causing many eggs to be lost. As a result of climate change, sea level rise is gradually increasing. The effect of which is likely to completely affect the egg laying process of Oliveridle turtle. On the 22nd, 25,000 Oliveridale turtle hatchlings left the nest and went to the sea. According to the source of forest department, 75 thousand turtle hatchlings went to the sea on 23rd. Low pressure has formed in the Bay of Bengal. Due to high tides, there is a possibility of egg loss in large quantities. Due to light rains, the sand is settling down. There is a risk that it will be difficult for them to come out of the nest. Environmentalists have expressed their concern about the threat of loss of baby turtles in Oliveridale.

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