The bridegroom’s life is gone for the son

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Jaipur: The life of the newlyweds ended in marriage. Such complaints have come from Koraput. The vermilion outside has not been erased, the pictures on the walls of the house have not been erased, but the girl’s family has accused the girl’s in-laws of killing her by pouring diesel on the toys. After 90 percent of her body was burnt, the newlywed died in agony

23-year-old Shivani Singh of Malkangari. It hasn’t been two months since he was out, but life has gone. The writing on the wall has not yet faded. But Shivani’s dream of being a witness in front of the fire to be a partner in happiness and sorrow with her husband has been shattered. After 90 percent of his body was burnt in the fire, his life has ended. Allegedly, the husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law killed the bride by pouring diesel. The girl’s family has alleged that Shivani was killed for her child. The local people could not easily accept the sudden death of Shivani, who had dreamed of my home in less than two months. Shivani Singh, a girl from Malkangiri MV village, married Prabhas Singh of Padua village in Koraput. As per the need, the girl also gave the house things. But who knew that Shivani’s life would end prematurely in a sexual fire. After the case was registered, the police continued further investigation. The question arises, when will this fire of fuel stop. It has been demanded in various quarters to punish the culprits for this unnatural death of Shivani.

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