The bright plan is directionless: and the beneficiaries depend on the forest

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Kalahandi : Government’s Utkala scheme is no longer working in the district. While the Ujjbala Yojana was kind of closed, it was announced before the elections that the beneficiaries can take advantage of the Ujjabala Yojana. But there are more than 50 thousand Ujjabala beneficiaries in the district but they have failed to take advantage of it. The Ujjala scheme has been closed for two months now for the election, although cylinders and regulators are being provided free of cost to the beneficiaries in this scheme, but gas stoves are being sold in the form of money. Otherwise gas stoves are provided! But the 3-times subsidy received is the gas stove’s loan ratio. After paying off the gas stove, the subsidy will be added to the bank account. Almost no Ujjala beneficiary is aware of this. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Ujjjala plan has become a bit of a trap in the district. Beneficiaries are living in auspicious Anaton with no gas tank nearby, so the government-supplied gas is now lying in a corner of the house. And as earlier they used to collect dry wood from the forest and cook, now it has been found. In the villages, people go to the nearby forest to collect dry firewood early in the morning, eat mandia jau, and return home in the evening after collecting firewood. Now every beneficiary’s house is burning with wood stove instead of gas It seems that the poor beneficiaries have leased their gas to some rich people. Some beneficiaries have also sold the gas. This will be investigated. It is true that the government is planning but it is not being investigated how much it is benefiting the people. So a good scheme like Utkala scheme has failed. Now gas
Even though there is free tanka, Ujjava beneficiaries are reluctant to take gas despite getting subsidy of 300 tanka. Some beneficiaries expressed their anonymity as to why they would buy gas stoves as dry wood is available for free. Often, domestic gas is used instead of commercial gas in various hotels and fast food outlets, which the beneficiaries of the Utkala scheme seem to sell to the shopkeepers at a lower price. It is widely discussed that the truth will come out if the supply department investigates it.

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