Training camp for NCC cadets

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Jaipur 2455 NCC training camp has started in Vikram Dev University campus 1st phase IDCCS camp has been completed. 317 cadets from all the units under the Brahmapur Group Headquarter attended this camp. Under the supervision of Camp Commandant Lt. Col. Ranjan Das, the cadets have been imparted training on rifle operation, map reading, importance of NCC, drill, women empowerment etc. In this camp, the cadets were engaged in cultural activities. All the cadets who participated were given certificates and prizes by the Camp Commandant. The cadets who participated in this camp have been trained and joined their schools and colleges safely. And all the officers along with the camp commandant highly praised the staff. The cadets who participated in the camp said that it had become a home without a camp. All kinds of arrangements were made for worshiping, staying, eating and drinking.

The second phase NACC annual training camp has started today. The camp was inaugurated by Prof. Devi Prasad Mishra, Chancellor of Vikram Dev International School, while Ranjan Das, Camp Commandant LaPlant Colonel, presented the objectives and rules of the NCC camp. 400 cadets of junior and senior division have joined this camp. NCC officers and PI staff from various world schools, colleges and schools have joined for cooperation. In this camp, cadets will be taught about map reading, drill, rifle shooting, cyber security, digital backing, fire safety etc. It will end on next 2nd.

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