Big gathering of BJd at Gotomunda

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Koksara,(swa news) : VK Pandian, the star campaigner of Biju Janata Dal and chairman of ‘5-T’, has come to Kalahandi MP area for election campaign and begged for votes for BJJ Lok Sabha and Assembly candidates. In the election meeting held at Gotmunda of Koksara block under Dharmagarh constituency on Saturday, Mr. Pandian directly targeted the opposition parties on the issue of development. While the new government has solved various problems of the people in just two weeks, they are wondering where their old guarantee has gone.

Schools have been converted, Lakshmi buses run from village to village and temples, mosques, churches and all religious places have been converted. Odisha is leading in the fields of education, agriculture, transport, drinking water, health, agriculture, livelihood etc. Development is progressing in Odisha because of the Chief Minister. Got what you asked for. This is Naveen Patnaik’s guarantee. Conch mark guarantee. The sign of development is the conch sign. A person can solve your problem. The CEO is Naveen Patnaik.

Dharamgarh is not an exaggeration when I say that it is my birthplace. Your love of 20 years is still on me today. Now Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has said that he has facilitated the traffic of the region by making this road a roundabout and has also given an account of whether the Chief Minister has taken action on the petitions received during his visit to Kalahandi last May. And BJM MP candidate Lambodar Nial and MLA candidate Pushpendra Singhdeo have called to win by casting their votes in a joint conch.

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